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Sausage making machine in Kenya

Sausage Making Machine Prices

3 Litres (Manual) - Ksh 25,000/=
7 Litres (Manual) - Ksh 32,000/=
10 Litres (Electric) - Ksh 62,000/=

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Sausage making machine in Kenya

Making your own sausages is a great way to save money at home but even a very important business step for your catering business or butchery. When you are able to make your own sausages you will save on cost and also be sure of what is really stuffed in the sausages. For small business looking to go this direction and sausage lovers that just want to make their own sausages at home the search for a sausage making machine in Kenya is a daunting one.

There are too many models and many makes to choose from. Not to mention the many different features do not make it easy to choose. If you are in the market for a sausage making machine in Kenya, then read on to the end and get important insights that will direct you to choosing a machine that is right for you.

Motorized or manual

Sausage making machines in Kenya are available in either motorized or manual variants. For a small business or home kitchen that is not handling a lot of meat, the manual variants will suffice. However, there are also small motorized sausage stuffers that do not consume a lot of electricity and will save you on having to do everything manually. For a big sausage making enterprise, a big electric commercial sausage maker is required.

The build

The build of the sausage making machine is another important feature to have in mind. It is essential that the machine be made of quality materials. The materials need to be quality and especially in the frame, gears and base. A sturdy machine makes it easy and quick to get the sausages you need. Also, it is important to ensure that the materials that come into contact with the meat do not cause any poisoning. Check also that the materials are corrosion resistant because the sausage making machine will require cleaning after every use.

Ease of use

It is important that the machine be easy to use. Making sausage is an easy procedure but one that requires a lot of care or else you will have all your meat spewed on the table. The handle should be easy to crank and the attachments need to be easy to get on and off the machine. Some models come with a foot pedal. This feature comes In handy because it frees up your hands so it becomes easy to handle the sausage as it is being formed.

There are many other factors that you might consider including the power and speed for electric or motorized sausage making machines.

Your journey for the search of a sausage making machine in Kenya ends here. We are prominent suppliers of sausage machines in Kenya for the past many years. We have supplied our products to many small businesses and individuals for their home kitchens. We have a wide array of products with varying features and capabilities to suit different needs. Contact us today to place your order.