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Meat Cabinet Price in Kenya

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4ft - Ksh 125,000/=
5ft - Ksh 145,000/=

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Your butchery cannot be complete without a meat cabinet. A meat cabinet is a great way of displaying your meat to get passerby customers enticed to buying your meat. It also displays the meat for your regular clients so they can quickly choose from the various cuts you have or the different pieces of meat. Furthermore, the meat cabinet also keeps your butchery organized and clean.

A meat cabinet is therefore an important purchase for your business. It is impossible for your business to make it without a display. You could therefore be wondering what is the meat cabinet price in Kenya? The answer to this depends on a number of factors.

The first factor that will affect the meat cabinet price in Kenya is the size of the cabinet. The bigger a cabinet you need the more you will pay for it. If you have a small butchery that can only fit a small cabinet, you will not spend a lot of money for the meat cabinet. However you are also limited to the amount of meat you can disp0lay for your clients.

Another factor that matters a lot is whether you display will be refrigerated or not. There are some displays that keep the meat cool while on display. This is a great way to increase the life of your meat and serve your customers with fresh meat every time. Keeping the meat fresh and refrigerated also keeps away flies and bad smell from your butchery. Remember that one of the biggest considerations for people before they buy from any butchery is cleanliness.

There are also those displays that are lighted. If you keep your business open until late in the evening your display needs to be lighted. This will ensure that customers can see what you have on offer even at night. Light also adds life to your butchery keeping it looking lively and welcoming to night visitors.

The shelving inside the cabinet is another factor to have in mind especially when you sell more than one type of meat. You do not want to display your chicken and beef together or beer and fish. It is important that the cabinet have different shelves to keep the different types of meat separately. Shelving also maximizes the visibility of your products. Shelves that are made of glass make your food look great and well displayed than if the shelves were made of another material.

With all of these factors in mind you can be able to get a meat cabinet that will suit your needs. The more features you get with the cabinet the higher the meat cabinet price in Kenya. If you would like a partner to help you get the best meat cabinet for your business then you should consider making your investment with us. We are a company prominent in supply of meat cabinets in Kenya. We have a wide variety of styles available for small and big meat cabinets. We also have those with curved glass and those without. We meet your needs and budget with quality products. Give us a try today.