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Butchery equipments prices in Kenya

Butchery Equipments price in Kenya

Butchery Equipment PRICE (Ksh)
JG210 Table Top Bone Saw Machine Ksh 65,000
Milano Free Standing Bone Saw Machine with inbuilt mincer Ksh 70,000
TK-M8 Meat Mincer Ksh 19,000
TK-M12 Meat Mincer Ksh 28,000
TK-M22 Meat Mincer Ksh 45,000
TK-M22 Meat Mincer (With reverse option) Ksh 58,000
TK-M32 Meat Mincer (With reverse option) Ksh 85,000
Electric Meat Slicer Ksh 58,000
3L Manual Sausage Machine Ksh 25,000
30 kg Weighing Scale Ksh 5,500
Butchery Hooks Ksh 800
Black Meat Saw Ksh 3,000
Red Meat Saw Ksh 2,500

Butchery equipments prices in Kenya

Starting a butchery in Kenya is a lucrative business since many Kenyans are meat lovers. Whether you will be selling beef, pork, fish, mutton or any other kind of meat, having the right butchery equipment is essential to success. After finding the best spot with a lot of traffic then you should invest in the right equipment to handle meat, make sausages, minced meat and other products. So what are the butchery equipment prices in Kenya?

Let us look at some of the essential butchery equipments you should have and get an idea of how much it can cost you.

Bone saw machine – one of the most tedious exercises at a butchery is cutting the meat and of course bone to the required size. Most local butcheries use a machete to cut through the bone. It is dangerous and it causes the bones to split and get in the meat. The best way to cut through bone is using a bone saw machine. It cuts with ease through big chunks of meat and bone without splitting the bone.

With a bone saw machine you will be more efficient and hygienic. It also allows you to easily organize your meat into desired cuts like loin, leg, shoulder, flank, chuck, ribs, brisket and many others. With a bone saw you can also easily reduce the bony parts of animals that are used for soup like oxtail and chaps.

Meat mincer (Electric) – minced meat is a favorite for many people and including it will be great for your business. To provide minced meat to your customers you need to invest in a good electric meat mincer. You do not want a manual one because it takes long, it is tiresome to use and can frustrate both your workers and customers. An electric meat mincer on the other hand is easy to use, fast and efficient.

Take time to determine the size and capabilities of a meat mincer that will be enough for your business. It all depends on how busy you are and the demand for minced meat from your customers. If the demand is high, ensure you have a powerful and big machine with a lot of capabilities. However, whether you are buying a small machine or a big one, ensure that you are getting the best quality possible.

Sausage Making machine – Imagine being able to sell meat sausages to your customers? Wouldn’t that be nice. With a sausage making machine, you can make sausages of different sizes and sell them to your customers. Whether they want big meat sausages to serve with dinner or small sausages for breakfast, with this machine you can fulfill their needs and of course get more money in your pocket.

When choosing a sausage making machine, consider the size that will be enough for your needs. Sausage machines are either horizontal or vertically aligned which depends on the amount of space you have available. There are also different power options and features to consider. Check for a machine that comes with most of the accessories needed for you to meet your customer’s needs.

Buying butchery equipments is not an easy task. There are so many considerations to have in mind and budget to worry about. That is why, you need to have a reliable partner to walk the journey with you. We have helped new and existing butcheries in Kenya to acquire equipment that have made their businesses a success.

We are very well positioned to help you also. When you purchase with use, you are assured of some guarantees. First, we sell superior quality and genuine products from top manufacturers. You can therefore rest assured that you are getting equipment that will serve you for long. We are obsessed with giving you the best returns on your investment.

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